Title: SuccessDNA Online Courses: Excel in Senior High School, Learn from the Best, Any Time, Anywhere. (97)

Description: SuccessDNA offers online courses and classes for senior school students, parents and educators. Courses on offer include: SuccessQ Skills, Advanced Senior English, Career Discovery, Get University Ready, Parental Support, Educating for Success and more. (254)

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SuccessDNA Courses
Quote: Realise your potential and succeed in senior high school.

Choose from our series of educational courses:
SuccessDNA – master the skills, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that lead to success
Subject Mastery – learn how to succeed in your choice of subject(s)
Parental Support – be informed how to support your child in subject mastery and SuccessDNA skills
Educators’ Corner – acquire the appropriate knowledge and develop the necessary skills to help students and parents succeed
Career Discovery – be guided to a successful career path through individual assessment
Get University Ready – make a successful transition to university, and/or the work force.

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Realise your potential and succeed in senior high school.

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