SuccessDNA – What We Do and How We Got Here

SuccessDNA’s Goal 

SuccessDNA aims to equip senior high and post secondary students with the skills that are crucial not only to success but to high achievement.

Research into Success and High Achievement 

Across the trajectory of the SuccessDNA founder’s career as an educator, she found herself increasingly intrigued by the science and psychology of high achievement and success. She found herself pondering on questions including the following:

  • How do we define academic success?
  • What role, if any, does inherent talent or intelligence play in high achievement?
  • Why is it that some students succeed whilst others fail or fail to realise their potential?
  • Are there any determinants of high achievement and success?
  • Do high achievers share any commonalities and/or characteristics?
  • If so, can these be distilled into a model of learning? Are they learnable?

A 12 year original research study ensued to discover those critical factors most influential in creating success in senior secondary and post secondary learning. Research findings show that what students accomplish has more to do with specific beliefs, behaviours and attitudes than with innate ability or intelligence. These predictors of success are skills which can be taught in incremental steps. All students can master these skills if they are provided with the necessary tools and disposition for greater success.

Educational Solutions 

SuccessDNA is committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to excel through high quality, personalised education. We have a number of solutions which work toward achieving this goal. Our solutions include

Sophisticated Technology-Enabled Learning 

Senior Secondary Success Courses – online courses and in class, for senior school students to realise their potential and succeed in senior high school. There are courses to master the skills, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that lead to success, courses to learn how to succeed in their choice of subject(s) as well as university preparation and get work ready courses.

Post Secondary SuccessDNA programs develop skills to improve student completion rates, increase the number of people who obtain a post secondary degree or certificate and improve productivity and performance.

Educational Services

Success Mentoring 

For those who seek the opportunity to maximise personal performance and accelerate their achievement, we offer highly personalised mentoring on the science and psychology of achievement, using our unique, cutting edge system.

Career Selection 

Many young adults are confused about their future directions. They do not know what they want to do with their life nor do they know what job they really want. They are often unsure about which subjects to choose to study. SuccessDNA will work with students to identify their individual strengths and review their learning styles so that students can choose appropriate courses of study which foster their individual strengths. We will also identify careers where they can best maximise their strengths so that they are a perfect fit for their chosen career.

School Selection

Whether your child is starting high school or changing schools in senior high school, one of the most important decisions a parent will make is selecting in which school to enrol them. SuccessDNA helps parents evaluate schools so they can find the right placement for their child.


Transitions are hard for students. Students make huge leaps from middle to senior high school, from school to higher education or from school to work. SuccessDNA has developed programs to provide effective transitioning for your child in the school, university and work environments.  This program features steps we will take to ensure your child receives the necessary support they may need when making transitions within the school environment or from school to work or from school to university.

Professional Learning

SuccessDNA provides professional learning opportunities for teachers, school leaders and other professionals on the science and psychology of success and high achievement, transitioning, and building a high achievement culture.