The SuccessDNA Story

As a dedicated educator, Vicki Jarnis created SuccessDNA in order to equip students, parents and educators with the skills that are crucial not only to success but to high achievement.

Vicki’s methods are based on a 12 year study to discover those critical factors most influential in creating success in learning and these have been distilled into an educational model that provides students with the necessary tools and disposition for greater success.

The SuccessDNA model also recognises the important role of parents and educators in the success of a student and provides the means to ensure that a “winning and fruitful” relationship with the student is established.

Prior to SuccessDNA, Vicki Jarnis held a long career in educational leadership.  She spent her professional working life immersed in senior secondary education.  Vicki has served as a teacher, department head, instructional designer, online learning consultant, literacy and learning consultant, curriculum manager, teacher trainer, subject and course counsellor, and researcher.  She has worked with and across all schooling sectors, public and private, as well as tertiary institutions both in Australia and overseas.

In each role she focused on inspiring young adults to become the best they could be and to exceed their own expectations.