Professional Learning - Creating a Success Culture

Teaching for Success – Year 12 and Beyond

SuccessDNA was created in order to equip educators, senior high and post secondary students and parents with the skills that are crucial not only to success but to high achievement.

Across the trajectory the SuccessDNA founder’s career, she found herself increasingly intrigued by the science and psychology of high achievement and success.   She found herself pondering on  questions including following:

  • How do we define academic success?
  • What role, if any, do inherent talent or intelligence play in high achievement? 
  • Why is it that some students succeed whilst others fail or fail to realise their potential?  
  • Are there any determinants of high achievement and success?
  • Do high achievers share any commonalities and/or characteristics?  
  • If so, can those be distilled into a model of learning?  And, are they learnable?
  • How could educators build/create a high achievement culture in their classrooms and in their schools.
  • How can schools empower parents to be effective supporters and advocates of children’s senior school success?

A 12 year original research study ensued to discover those critical factors most influential in creating success in senior secondary and post secondary learning.  Research findings showed that what students accomplish has more to do with specific beliefs, behaviours and attitudes than on their innate ability or intelligence.  These predictors of success are skills which can be taught in incremental steps.  All students can master these skills if they are provided with the necessary tools and disposition for greater success.


Acquire the skills which are critical to academic success and high achievement. Help students and parents succeed through our Educators’ Corner Series.

Mentoring Teachers for Year 12 Student Success

SuccessDNA’s expert mentoring equips beginning teachers and teachers new to teaching in the senior secondary, with the skills that are crucial not only to success but to high achievement in the senior secondary.

Professional Learning

Learn practical ways to teach for success and high achievement, impart success strategies to students and build a high achievement culture in classrooms.


Better prepare your students to make the transition from middle to upper years of schooling and from school to university or the work force.

Workshops and Seminars

Explore the DNA of academic success and high performance. Learn how to build a culture of high performance in your classrooms.

Boost Student Academic Performance

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Defining Success - The Educator Voice

What really constitutes success?

Do you think student success relates to scores on an exam, simply getting through the year or achieving your immediate goals? Perhaps you think success can be defined as doing your best and reaping the rewards? What do you think? What part should and can you as an educator play in this process?

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