Many young adults are confused about their future career choices even though some would never admit it.  With so much information available to them it can be quite overwhelming to make a thoughtful, and informed career decision while they are still at school.

The SuccessDNA Career Selection Service is a unique method of identifying your child’s strengths and abilities, in order to advise which career would best fit.  Choose the right career path for them and they will thrive on this path.

SuccessDNA will work with the student to identify their talents, so that they are a perfect fit for the career they want.

Here is what we offer:

Strengths Analysis

We will identify your child’s unique profile of strengths and values (natural talents and traits).

Strengths Needs Assessment

We will review learning styles so that you can make incremental, focused, thoughtful decisions about your child’s education and courses of study.

Strengths Findings

We will identify working environments and careers where your child can best maximise those strengths.

When a child can align their career and life choices with their strengths and values they can reach new heights.