SuccessDNA Transitioning Services

Transitions are hard for students.  Students make huge leaps from middle to senior high school, from school to higher education or from school to work.

Now they are faced with greater freedom, independence and responsibility which can sometimes be overwhelming and can lead to problems in their daily lives.  They often do not have the maturity to cope with this.  At the same time they are coping with the problems that adolescence may bring.  As they move into the senior school they have to assume more responsibility for their own learning and become more independent learners in order to meet the higher academic standards expected of them.  How well they do this depends on the skills and dispositions which they have acquired.

SuccessDNA has developed program(s) to provide effective transitioning for your child in the school environment.  This program features steps we will take to ensure your child receives the necessary support they may need when making transitions within the school environment or from school to work or from school to university.