Mentoring for Academic Success

If you want to maximise the academic performance of your child, get mentored by SuccessDNA.

High achievers have one thing in common; they have mentors to guide, support and encourage them and help them make the most of their potential.  They are intentional about their mentors and seek out people who can help them.  Mentors help them transform that which gets in the way of actuating excellence which in turn affects performance.

Outstanding performers seek out the expert who knows what it takes to excel, how it is done, and what incremental steps need to be applied. They seek out the person who has the skills, talent and experience to apply the principles of academic success and to train them to be mentally, tactically, and technically prepared for challenges they are likely to be faced with. They source someone experienced who can motivate, empower, equip them with the skill set and mindset to excel.  They search for that individual who will hold them accountable, as they move forward in achieving their goals.

SuccessDNA has a track record in senior secondary excellence and success and can provide the focus your child needs.  With over 30 years of proven educational and personal achievement, few people are more qualified to mentor senior secondary students and post secondary students on how to maximise their academic success.

The SuccessDNA System

The SuccessDNA Mentoring for Academic Success System provides your child with proprietary tools, and strategies to help them develop and learn quickly.    It delivers the targeted support, guidance and accountability that your child will need to methodically apply the system they will learn to achieve academic success.  The SuccessDNA individual mentoring plan is based on the knowledge, distinctions and strategies gleaned from its longitudinal research of high achievers

Your SuccessDNA mentor will become a trusted advisor who wants and expects the best from your child and who will challenge them to perform at their best.  They will motivate and empower and give your child the best possible chance of succeeding.  No matter what their social status or their perception of their capability, SuccessDNA will help them exceed their own expectations of themselves.

If you want to maximise the personal and academic performance of your child, get mentored by SuccessDNA.   They know that your child’s dreams will not come true without hard work, discipline and persistence.  They will build a strong and trusting relationship with your child.  SuccessDNA’s Mentoring for Academic Success will help your child create a culture of excellence.  They will find that they will achieve more than they imagined possible.

Take the critical step.  Start SuccessDNA’s Mentoring for Academic Success today and be driven to perform at your best.  Committed to your child and their success.