What I have observed is that regardless of the class profile, size or culture, Vicki has applied the same effective combination of high expectations, excellent preparation, infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude, that has won over the students in a remarkably short space of time.

AnneSenior Leader, Quality Teaching and Literacy

It was a measure of her effectiveness as an educational consultant and as a teacher that Vicki was awarded a prestigious scholarship to study in Greece. Such scholarships are highly competitive and awarded to teachers of exceptional promise as future leaders in their field.

AnnPrincipal Education Officer

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the faculty for all your hard work in organising the t&d. As we know it was not an easy task to meet the needs of all schools, however, your diplomatic approach ensured this happened. I really enjoyed working with you.

TaraDirector of Teaching

Vicki is a competent, experienced teacher. She set high standards and expectations for students and demanded their best efforts. She stood for no nonsense, and received in return respect and courteous and cooperative behaviour.


Vicki is a professional, highly motivated, hardworking and organised educator who has worked well with all members of the College community.

AntoinetteDeputy Principal

It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you over the years. I have always admired your integrity, professional attitude and kind nature.

PatriziaTeacher & Colleague

Where do I even start with this amazing lady, sent by God to help us through Year 12. This year was an excellent year. If it wasn’t for a teacher of your calibre and strength it would have been extremely difficult to get through this year. Your efforts and assistance throughout the year blew me away… You are not only a teacher to me but a friend. You are an amazing lady and I cannot express how fortunate we were to have you take over this year.

FabianYear 12 Student

Ms Jarnis

A kind hearted woman
Walking down the corridor
Greeting us all
With a smile and a good morning
Enters a quiet classroom
Where faces light up at her sight

ChristinaStudent, Year 12