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How successful students became high flying achievers.

How you can do the same.

Know the journey.Own the destination.

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Cracking the Code to Academic Success in Senior Secondary and Beyond – Student Edition
Every student in Year 12 and beyond wants to be successful – and surely you are no exception.

But what does success mean and which factors lead to success?

Vicki Jarnis, educator and researcher, in her decades long research on achievement and success in senior secondary and beyond, has discovered that the secret to outstanding achievement is not IQ but a unique, learnable, set of mindsets, qualities and habits.

Cracking the Code to Academic Success in Senior Secondary and Beyond, is your step by step guide to becoming a successful and high achieving student.

This is not merely a collection of stories of how successful students became high achievers. This book includes the most important success strategies and principles used by top performing students to achieve, sustain high performance and excel.

With the right tools and process, you too can be successful. This book will provide the tools and processes to help you achieve your goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

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